LG Chem Supports Youths with Eco-friendly Energy
LG Chem Supports Youths with Eco-friendly Energy

■ ‘Seoul Hope Green Scholarship Event’ held at the LG Twin Tower in Yeouido on the 13th

■ Supporting youth scholarships and energy welfare donations with ‘Hope Green Generator’ development fund based on solar power generation



LG Chem teamed up with the Energy Peace Foundation to begin youth scholarship programs through environment-friendly energy businesses.

LG Chem announced that it held the ‘2019 Seoul Hope Green Scholarship Event’ for this at the LG Twin Tower in Yeouido, Seoul on the 13th.

This event was held with the attendance of approximately 30 people including the Energy Peace Foundation President Kim Tae-ho, LG Chem External Cooperation Officer Park Joon-sung, and representatives from the boroughs selected for the scholarship funds and donations.

The Seoul Hope Green Scholarship Propram is a social contribution project that offers scholarships for youths from the development funds through the ‘Hope Green Generator’ based on solar power generation as a part of the green partnership program pursued together by LG Chem and Seoul Metropolitan City.

The total generation quantity of the 622kW ‘Hope Green Generator’ installed at the Jungnang Water Regeneration Center in Seongdong-gu, Seoul is 1.09 million kW, which is enough power to be used by 260 four-person households for an entire year.

In particular, the profits from generation by selling solar power energy for the past year was 62 milloin KRW, and it will be used as financial resources for the Seoul Hope Green Scholarship Program and the energy welfare projects for Seongdong-gu and Dongdaemun-gu.

LG Chem selected 12 boroughs including Jungnang-gu and gave 50% of the profits from power generation for youth scholarships. The scholarship of 31 million KRW will be used to support the educational environment of adolescents.

Furthermore, LG Chem handed over the remaining profits from generating energy as energy welfare funds for the residents of Seongdong-gu and Dongdaemun-gu.

LG Chem Director Park Joon-sung, who is the external cooperation officer, said, “We carried out this scholarship program so that local youths can focus on their academic work in a better educational environment using the environment-friendly energy generation funds through the Hope Green Generator.”

He added, “We will further solidify social contribution activities in which companies and the community can grow together.”

Meanwhile, LG Chem is currently constructing the 2nd Hope Green Generator in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, and it is scheduled for completion in March 2020.