LG Chem Hosts Chemistry Camp for Young Dreamers

■ Over 200 middle school students invited from areas near business places such as Daejeon, Yeosu and Daesan for one month from the 15th

■ Hands-on experience in the science technology sector and offering college student mentoring for career planning

LG Chem will offer youths the opportunity to experience prospective science technologies and support career planning.

LG Chem will team up with Korea Food for the Hungry International and Donga Science to invite over 200 middle school students around its major business places such as Daejeon, Yeosu, Daesan and Seoul over four separate occasions from the 15th to the 12th of next month to host the ‘Chemistry Camp for Young Dreamers’.

This camp is a social contribution activity targeting youths by offering them the opportunity to explore various career paths and to support them to elevate the capacities of future human resources. It has been held a total of 60 times since 2005 and over 7,200 students participated in the camp.

The first camp of the new year that began on the 15th will be held over two nights and three days by inviting around 50 middle school students residing in the vicinity of LG Chem’s Daejeon Technology Research Institute and Ochang Plant.

This chemistry camp will offer hands-on experiences in science technology and expert mentoring on career planning by utilizing 60 college mentors with majors in chemistry and education selected from the four

regions of Seoul, Chungcheong-do, Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do.

An assortment of programs that can help motivate students to explore career paths will be offered. They include the ‘Future Human Resource Cultivation Project’ where students act as entrepreneurs and are

grouped into teams to commercialize their ideas; the ‘Imagine Tomorrow Campus’ for experiencing prospective science technologies of the future such as building electric vehicles and drone racing while exploring

related jobs; and ‘DREAM TALK’, which is a career coaching program with college mentors.

Other programs will include the ‘JOB Canvas’ where students can study fourth industrial revolution technologies and draw up new jobs and ‘Science Technology and Ethics Seen Through movies’ to investigate the two-sidedness of science technologies.

Executive Director Park Joon-sung, who is in charge of external cooperation for LG Chem, said, ‘This chemistry camp was designed to help youths think about planning for the future early on and to help them take a step closer to their dream,” and added, “We will continue to engage in various social contribution activities that can motivate students to draw their own futures.”

Meanwhile, LG Chem was recognized for its contributions in its ongoing science education donation activities and in fostering scientists of the future,  and was thus selected by the Ministry of Education in November of 2018 as an ‘Excellent Educational Contribution Institute’.