LG Chem brings the future life forward with its IT & Electronic Materials, to which its cutting edge technologies are applied.
Every since the company succeeded in commercializing polarizers for LCDs for the first time in Korea, LG Chem has increased its global competitiveness in the display and IT device material areas where cutting edge technologies are converged.
While securing the position of a global leader in the polarizer industry by improving the technological capability and developing differentiated products, the company has also focused on securing differentiated competence by venturing into new markets such as the water treatment business and the functional films.
4.4KRW trillion
4.7KRW trillion
4.9KRW trillion
  • 2000 Started production of polarizers
  • 2003 Established IT&E Manufacturing Subsidiaryin Nanjing, China
  • 2016 Acquired GSEM,cathode material maker
  • 2019 Launched the Advanced Materials Company
Major industries
Automotive Materials Automotive Materials
IT Materials IT Materials
Industrial Materials Industrial Materials
Future Competitiveness
  • New Mobility Vehicle weight reduction, autonomous parking material reinforcement
  • Next-generation display Differentiation and diversification by application such as TV and smart phone
  • Sustainability (Eco-Friendly/Bio) - Battery material (cathode material) technology enhancement
Automobile Automobile
Smartphone Smartphone
Battery Battery