To be a Global Leader : Growing with customers by providing innovative materials and solutions
Global Leader
We strive to be a company that is trusted and admired by our customers, the most attractive investment to our investors, the workplace of choice for the best and the brightest, and feared and emulated by our competitors.
Growing with customers
We grow with our valuable customers by delivering innovative values that help them thrive and prosper
Innovative Materials
We deliver the best materials with unrivaled prices and performance, designed to improve the perfor-mance of customers’ products and lead customer businesses to success.
Innovative Solutions
We identify problems in customers’ businesses, solve them, and improve performance by incorporating our services and knowledge into products and offering value aligned with customers’ individual needs.
Core Values
Customer Value Creation

We deliver value that substantially improves customer performance and competitiveness. We act to enhance customer value with a customercentric mindset and a deep understanding of both our customers and the market.

Strong Implementation

Strong implementation is essential to bringing corporate objectives and aspirations to fruition. It is a systematic process that requires an objective view of reality, thorough analysis, and concrete planning to achieve our goals.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect plays a key role in building teams and the capacity to make breakthroughs. This teamwork, strengthened by mutual recognition and respect, is what empowers us to achieve our goals.